S Club perfom unbearably poignant and ironic lament to dashed dreams and the passage of time

Bradley, Paul and Jo, formerly of S Club 7, are on tour in Australia, now performing as “S Club.” They recently appeared on breakfast television to give this rousing rendition of Reach.

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    Why did it have to be my favourite S Club 7 song? ;___;
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    I started laughing hysterically as they sang “leave the past behind you" …
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    Okay so the Guardian have laid this out weird so the video doesn’t actually show but yeah, this is amazing. Good bits in...
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    I couldnt finish it. Tell me it wasnt always this bad?
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    No not now not like this
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    I’m sorry. S Club 7 was my favourite band growing up in the 90s, but honestly. This is just sad.
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    this is so sad, like having to put a puppy down because it has leprosy or something
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    Whoa..just what happened. Childhood down the pan. :I
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    imaginative with those titles, eh?
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    Bloody hell. I believe mine was 7, judging by pictures of album art.
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    squeeeeee omfg
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    Cringing so hard. Watching Miami 7 to remind myself...didn’t make me feel sad.
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    well that’s my whole existence ruined.
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    Paul reminds me of Meatloaf oh my god. This is so painful asogihsdjkghd
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    I couldn’t actually watch it all jesus wept, it’s like a karaoke night at a pub
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    ..S Club and freaking Big Brovas… LET IT DIIIE that was embarrassingly terrible….
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    Howling at Paul omg.
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    They’re touring with Big Brovaz!!! How the mighty have fallen.
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    My good God this is utterly utterly awful. Not even in an ironic sort of way. Just AWFUL.

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