Attempting to buy accessible Coldplay tickets

The blog has a detailed blogpost describing one Coldplay fan’s endlessly frustrating struggle to get accessbile tickets for this weekend’s London shows.

"Coldplay is a big supporter of disability charities – shame this doesn’t extend to the management of gigs and booking options and arrangements for disabled fans.
I’m now completely disappointed and let down. Basically ticket agencies and the venues are operating  a disability apartheid telling disabled fans their custom is not wanted …

It’s astounding that, despite bands like Coldplay supporting disabled people and charities, that the management, promoters, venues hosting gigs and their Disabled Access Teams see fit to bunch all disabled people into one lump group, and decide what they think is the most suitable arrangement in a catch all one size fits all manner. All disabled and deaf people are different, they have different access needs and aren’t a homogenous group.”

Read the whole post here

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