Kitty Pryde – THE most divisive figure in the field of teenage white-girl rappers. EVER.

When Paul Lester featured Kitty Pryde’s video for OK Cupid on his New Band of the Day blog last week it attracted a tonne of comments, many of them FURIOUS:

"Good god Guardian what is this shite! Felt like a fucking kiddy fiddler watching that."

"How can you call this music?"

"Wow. its like music just died."

"The planet is groaning under the sheer weight of tonnage of this type of useless disposable inarticulate urban shit. Music to not have an adult future to."

Horrible. I could just go “blehblehblehbleh” rhythmically and it would sound EXACTLY THE SAME.”

It wasn’t all incredulous rage mind:

"Amazing! Loved it!"

"One of the most inventive tracks I’ve heard since Original Pirate Material. This girl is talking to her audience and quite clearly it isn’t anyone who posts on here. Her flow is great, she’s done it on her own, and she’ll be a big star."

"As much as I personally may enjoy arty English bands, who all eventually line up to try taking on the States (and failing beyond the coasts), watch this video again and realize that this is where that segment of the culture is at."

"Track is fantastic. Took me a while, but then I’m old."

And now she’s released an EP on Bandcamp - it’s free to download, and you can stream it right here, and then PICK A SIDE


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