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To mark exactly 50 years since the Beatles’ seminal performance on Ed Sullivan’s show, the Arctic Monkeys performed a cover of All My Loving at their Madison Square Garden show. Very nice too. CS


This appeared online yesterday. It’s really quite something. CS

Top Ten Readers’ Beatles Haikus

Yesterday was National Poetry Day, and today’s the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first single, Love Me Do. In the spirit of both we asked @guardianmusic followers for some Beatles verse in the form most suited to Twitter’s terseness: the haiku.

Here’s a Top 10 countdown of the best we received.

10. @ramshackleMac isn’t a huge fan of their later stuff: White album is great/ revolution 9, not great/ too much LSD

9. @foxbummer went for a direct quotation that puts an old favourite in a more dadaist light: Na na na na na / Na na na na na na na / Na na na hey Jude

8. @bengregg93 isn’t so big on Paul McCartney’s all-purpose events closer:the greatest band ever/But will someone please tell Paul/Stop playing Hey Jude

7. @matthewjh imagines the Beatles joining together - maybe like Transformers? - to earn Lennon’s infamous boast:John, Paul, George, Ringo / Put them together and they’re / Bigger than Jesus

6. @LizJonesSings goes all Proustian:John, Paul, Ringo, George / To you I danced with mum / cooking spaghetti’

5. @Johneccleston's not a big fan of Octopus's Garden, clearly:Fifty years later / One big mystery remains / Why let Ringo sing?’

4. @Inat40's artful enjambment and playful punnage earns an (unfair) swipe at Yoko: ‘Back in the Sixties / they did some songs but Ono! / Yoko ruined it’

3. @harpreeeeeeeet praises Here Comes the Sun in enigmatic style: A classic from George / Sun is full of sweet relief / like a balmy breeze’

2. @Bazihnio muses on the band’s Merseyside competition: Liverpools finest / Gerry And The Pacemakers / were really shit though

1. And top of the pops – @tretsy takes things literally: '“All You Need Is Love”/ Is what the Beatles sang once / What about food though?'

Watch a rare Beatles video on iTunes

Over on iTunes, they’ve just unveiled an exclusive new Beatles compilation, Tomorrow Never Knows. If you head to the album’s page, you can currently stream this rare video of one of the album’s tracks, Hey Bulldog, for free. CS

Spot the Beatles’ songs

This wonderful poster is one of eight new pictogram works created by Viktor Hertz, a graphic designer from Sweden. To see the others - and help him fund the project / buy one of the posters - click here. CS


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