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Here’s the new video from Simian Mobile Disco for their track ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’. It’s from the British duo’s third album Unpatterns. 

At first you ask why you’re seeing grotty ceilings and old lights turning on and off. But after a few seconds you see the effort that’s gone into turning the switches on and off. Take a look but be careful, it’s a little hypnotic. EB

Simian Mobile Disco’s “panorama of obsessive behaviour”

Director Aoife McArdle has described his hypnotic new video for Simian Mobile Disco’s Seraphim single as “a panorama of obsessive behaviour”.

The band, meanwhile, have explained it on their YouTube page thus: ”Since people are asking - It’s a series of scenes of people going over their obsessive-compulsive type behaviours… as to how that refers to our music, on our new album we’ve been inspired by ideas of repeated loops and patterns breaking down and decaying over time. And the process of making electronic music lends itself to obsessive-compulsive tendencies… CS


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